Are you happy with your current accountant?

A lot of Real Estate agents are often confused about what tax deductions they can take. Many agents make the mistake of not taking enough deductions, which can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure you’re really eligible for these deductions just in case you were to get audited – so be sure you are clear about what tax deductions you can take.

If you are not happy with the services being provided by your current accountant or if you have lost confidence in the quality of your current accountant’s work then it’s time you made a change. It is not difficult to make this change and in fact it can be done without you even having to contact the accountant. The procedure can be carried out in two very simple steps as follows:-

  1. Contact us to arrange a free of charge consultation (Usually 30 minutes)  to discuss your current situation. We will discuss any issues or concerns you may have and recommend our resolutions to these issues.
  2. We will both decide if working together is a good fit.

Changing accountants is an easy process but can be very stressful for a client.  We aim to make this as easy as possible.

My preferred method of contact is email:

If you prefer to call please call the office at 413-279-1049

Please feel free to speak to my assistant, Annmary, to set up an appointment or ask a question about working with us.