Financial Advice for the Newly Married

Congratulations on finding the love of your life and pledging your commitment to each other! Now that the honeymoon has passed and you have begun to adjust to your new life together, it is time to set yourselves up for a long and successful marriage together. You have the advantage of starting out prepared for what life may throw you.

Set up a budget by sitting down together and listing all of your bills along with any weekly expenses. If you have come to the table with debt obtained prior to your marriage, you will want to consolidate this debt and pay it down as quickly as possible.

Credit cards, while a great way to cover unforeseen expenses, can create a life full of unwanted debt. It is too easy to use them and many people have gotten in the habit of using them for nearly everything right down to their morning latte. Interest is charged on your balance each month, so avoid using a credit card as a habit. Instead, establish one card that will stay tucked away in your wallet, to be used only if absolutely necessary.

A savings account should be high on your list. This will get you in the habit of putting away for your vacations, large purchases and eventually retirement. By starting small and setting up a savings account, you will create a nest egg. Your nest egg can be used to buy a house, start a family or save for large purchases. This savings account will also prevent you from using credit cards in times of need.

Use only cash for purchases. This cannot be stressed enough. Starting your life together by using cash for your purchases will do two big things for you. Firstly, you will get to see just how far your money really goes. Secondly, by having to pay cash you are more than likely going to think about each purchase, as once the wallet is empty you will not have any money left to spend.

When it comes to a new marriage, it is common to have some financial difficulties in the beginning, especially if you did not live together before you got married. By establishing a budget and healthy spending habits in the beginning of your marriage, you are essentially preventing fights over money. If you have little to no debt, you will be able to live the life you want and enjoy activities with each other in your new marriage.

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