3 Quick reasons to choose Murray Tax Services for your tax prep.

Many people pay to have their taxes prepared. You need to be careful when you pick a preparer to do your taxes. You are legally responsible for all the information on the tax return even if someone else prepares it. Here are 3 reasons to choose Murray Tax Services as your tax preparer:
1. Credentials-Kevin Murray is an Enrolled Agent.  Only enrolled agents are required to demonstrate to the IRS their competence in all areas of taxation, representation and ethics before they are given unlimited representation rights before IRS. Unlike attorneys and CPAs, who are state licensed and who may or may not choose to specialize in taxes, all enrolled agents specialize in taxation.
2. Availability-Kevin is available all year long for both clients and prospects.  The part of the tax industry that needs the most improvement is the availability of tax professionals. Kevin is constantly getting contacts from prospects and business partners who have tax questions and can not get in contact with their current “guy.”  He always answers these questions. This is for people that are not clients, just imagine the availability he gives his clients.
3. Service fees-Kevin structures his fees very reasonably. Currently the Murray Tax Services average fee is $180-$200 for a married couple that owns a home.  If you are a small business owner or rental property owner the average is $250. Both of these averages are well below the national averages. $261 and $479 resectively.
If you are looking for a great tax prep experience with someone you can trust, contact and is affordable please consider Murray Tax Services. Call 413-279-1049 or email kevin.murray@murraytaxservices to discuss how we can help. Or check out http://www.murraytaxservices.com or http://www.facebook.com/murraytax or http://www.linkedin.com/in/murraytax/

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